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Getting Naked

I don’t normally write about getting naked. But a few weeks ago I did something I would not normally do either: I posted a video of myself crying. It was an odd experience- totally spontaneous. In the video, I was sharing a meaningful challenge I am doing in support of homeless teens. Seemingly out of nowhere, in the middle of filming, giant (crocodile) tears started flowing down my face. (One of my brilliant newsletter subscribers wrote in to tell me that crocodile tears are an insincere act of being sad… I didn’t know that, did you? You learn something new every day!)

These were tears of clarity, of confirmation. A heartfelt way for my body to tell me I was doing the right thing. So yes, I felt vulnerable showing a side of myself that few see, especially in this age of social media and portrayed “perfection”. I wanted to share what I was feeling, a deep desire to help these teens. The funny thing was, I had imagined sharing all of these great stats about the organization, homeless kids and sleeping out on the streets, yet there I was, barely able to get the words out, let alone remember any statistics.



Time and again, I am reminded that our greatest wisdom and its reward appear when we allow ourselves to Get Naked and be in the moment. Whether in front of a mirror or with a life partner, family member or friend, I encourage you to practice letting your walls come down. Peel away the layers, share your truth, just be and allow it all to unfold from there. Yes, it may be scary, but you will gain so much. Originally, I had planned to fundraise $2,000, $100/day until the night of the event. Instead, after ten days or so, I have already reached 88% of my $2,000 goal and there are 10 days left. I am blown away by each contribution, from the blessings and kind words, to every single dollar. Every. Little. Bit. Helps.

So what exactly is this Sleeping Out thing? A group of us will sleep out for a night to raise money for Covenant House, an organization that moves homeless youth off the street and prepares them for a better life.

With the 10 days I have left, I’ve set my sights on not only meeting my original goal of $2,000, but also Doubling the Money. That’s right, double. Yikes! I am getting butterflies just typing it. But somehow this feels right, it feels like a worthwhile stretch. I’m always up for a challenge and to step into possibility!

If you feel moved to contribute to Covenant House and the kids by supporting my Sleep Out, you can do that here. If you’d like to Sleep Out too, you can also check that page for events near you. If nothing else, I hope this inspires you to Get Naked. Opening and sharing your heart isn’t just a tool for fundraising, but a tool for living Life.

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I can’t ignore them any longer + an invite

Freedom of the Mind

A huge thanks to The Community Church of New York for posting this sign :-)!

The Signs. I can’t ignore them any longer. Have you been ignoring them too?

Whether I’ve been just plain scared, in denial or “not ready”, I have chosen to ignore many signs throughout my life.

It would be an outright lie to say I’ve never seen any of them. I’ve seen them alright and ignoring them has been a choice. I remember continuing to do work that didn’t support me financially or emotionally. I remember being in romantic relationships that couldn’t deliver what I needed, deserved or desired. Let’s just say I have avoided my share of stuff.

Years ago, the man I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with told me he wouldn’t marry me because I didn’t (at that point) have a master’s degree. If that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

Signs may be but the sympathies of nature with man. ― Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

The Good, The Bad, The Sledgehammer
Signs come in many forms. The mouths of babes. And adults. Through images, gut feelings, inner voices, songs, advice– there are countless vehicles. Here’s the thing: our kind and loving Universe provides us with signs that affirm life as it is, show us how existence could be even better, and warn us of the potentially dangerous. When we refuse to pay attention to the signs, we may receive what a friend calls The Sledgehammer. Sledgehammers can be painful, and for good reason. I always think of it as the Universe putting its foot down!

Do you pay attention to the signs? It’s easy to heed the good ones, but I mean all of them, including the difficult and hard to accept.

I have been striving for that actively. In my perfect imperfection, I’ve got my eyes, my ears, my heart, my mind wide open. I am aware. I listen. To myself, to others, to The Universe. To the so-called good, the bad and the ugly. I see it all as information that can be used to expand and perhaps act on. There’s something to learn in there, I swear.

It’s fine if you can’t interpret a sign. Just begin to actively notice what’s happening around you and inside of you. Awareness. Really tuning in is the first step.

MindRealign Signs
So when I saw the image above, I paid attention. People always ask or wonder how I’ve come to experience such joy in my life. What makes me shine… I’ve wanted to share with you the same science, philosophies and tools that have helped to liberate me in most every moment.

I had been thinking about hosting an event where I could do just that, and then came all of the signs. I call them signs to Realign Your Mind. Here are a few:

#1 – I had been wavering on the when, the where and the ifs of the event when I walked down a side street and saw the sign above. For me it was a sign to go for it. My deepest desire is to free as many minds as possible!

#2 – A few days before seeing that same sign, my business coach happened to say, “Doing an event would be really good for you right now.” I trust her. Her instincts and intuition are right on, and so I actively chose to receive her words as an affirmation.

#3 – A few weeks ago, I attended an event at the same exact space that I had been considering. I got to spend time in the space as a participant, and loved the energy. Yet another confirmation. And yes, there have been many more signs…

So I’d love to invite you to Free Your Mind + SHINE on Sunday, September 27th! I know, it’s coming up quickly. Come join me! I’ve planned a fun-filled, informative and experiential afternoon where I’ll empower and teach you about your magical mind, body and spirit. We’ll do some powerful exercises, you’ll experience self-hypnosis, plus I’ll share tools that guide you to live a liberated, joyous and abundant life. It’ll just be us. An intimate group. You can learn more or sign up here. I can’t wait to free you!

I believe the more you understand the workings of your mind, the more freedom you experience in all areas of your life!

A second invite…
Most of all, I invite you to look at your own life. Take three to five minutes right now to write the answers to these questions. Just write down what’s top of mind. No straining allowed. What are you choosing to ignore or avoid? Personally and/or professionally? Do you see, hear, feel any signs? What are they? How might those signs be showing you positive possibilities, or nudging you elsewhere? Is it time to take action or surrender? Whatever you discover, it’s information you can work with, a starting place.

I’d love to hear about your signs, please share. I will too. It’s never too late to start paying attention. In fact, you’re right on time!

Be well,

P.S. – I’ll be sharing more of my #mindrealignsigns in hopes that they inspire you too!


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Signs + Sympathy

Signs - Charlotte Bronte

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You can lead a horse to water…

You can lead a horse to water...

As proverbs go, this is one of my all time favorites.

Over the past few weeks it has been a big topic with clients, friends, family and colleagues. Many have found themselves in situations where they’ve offered advice, information, knowledge and on occasion, money, to someone they know, only to discover that it doesn’t seem to help.

The greatest of intentions
It’s tough to see people you love — or even strangers — going through a difficult time. And even if no one is asking for your help, your natural inclination may be to do whatever you can to be supportive. To lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on, a hug, some wisdom. You truly want to uplift, inspire and hopefully transform the situation. Despite your caring intentions, the person who is hurting may decide to stew in their pot.

In this case, it’s best to remind yourself of this quote in its entirety,

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Often they are unable to even see or acknowledge the unhelpful or destructive habits that are causing the issue. And next thing you know, you’re watching them as they run 100mph, face first into a brick wall. Aargh!

We’ve all experienced similar situations. That’s usually why we’re so adamant about being of service. In the midst of it all you may choose to help pick up the pieces or you may decide to move on. Although I cannot tell you what to do, what I can do is share a few thoughts that have helped to guide me in similar situations.

A few things to remember:

1. Everything is unfolding perfectly
I know, it may sound a bit woo-woo. But I’ve found this to be true for me even during the worst of times. At a certain point, I’m able to look back and see how an event positively affected me or shifted my awareness in some profound way. Notable change happens because of your experience. Let them have theirs.

2. People aren’t ready until they are ready
No matter what you say, do, or share, most people will not and do not make shifts until they are ready or until they’ve had more than enough of a negative experience. Keeping this in mind fosters healthy detachment. Knowing that you’ve done all that you can and that they will make the shift that’s appropriate for them simply frees you up. They decide, not you.

3. You don’t know everything
It’s a simple truth, but sometimes we forget and start to think we have all the answers. Although I’ve experienced and witnessed an immense amount of personal transformation over the years, I constantly remind myself that everyone’s experience is unique. And believe me, it is. We don’t always know what’s best or what’s on the other side for them.

4. Be the evidence
We often get the essence of this by way of the popular Gandhi quote, “Be the Change.” The idea is to live your life in such a way that allows you to be a more fully engaged, happier, healthier person who personifies possibility. When they see the evidence, they are more likely to pay attention and explore possibility for themselves.

5. Send them blessings
Once you’ve done all you can on your end, send them love, a kind word, a wish, or a prayer. According to physicists, everything is energy, and your thoughts go a long way. I often use a blessing from one of my favorite writers to declare that they are divinely protected and that all is unfolding for their highest good and for the good of all involved.

I often use these ideas for myself. I struggle too. We all do. Which is why compassion and love are the underlying forces for everything I do. I realize there are so many more tips, tools and ideas around this issue, so I’d love it if you’d share your comments or thoughts.

Be well,

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Fight, Flee or Choose to Be FREE

Image from

Okay, so recently I had the honor and pleasure of spending time with Gerald Epstein, M.D., one of my many teachers. He is a phenomenal educator, pioneer and leader in the field of mental imagery for healing. His work has been praised worldwide by patients and the medical community alike.

Have you ever experienced a “false emergency”? I have! It’s a phrase Dr. Epstein uses and I wanted to share it with you because it’s something that we, modern people, have adopted as a habit, a lifestyle. And it’s harmful to your health!

False Emergency
A false emergency is when you worry about something that has already happened or doesn’t yet exist. It is a perceived threat that sends you and your body into unnecessary distress. For instance, maybe you’re worried about work, or your family or your significant other and your tummy is tied up in knots. Or perhaps you’ve got your knickers in a twist right at this very moment about something that has already happened or that you want to make happen. Either way, you are extracting yourself from the present moment, stepping right into a false emergency. I’ve definitely been there many times, and I bet you have too.

True Emergency
Let’s just define a true emergency. It sounds simple enough: a true emergency is a life or death situation that takes place in the present. And most of us act as if our false emergencies are true! Rinse and repeat, and you’ve got yourself a habit. To top things off, our subconscious mind doesn’t know fact from fiction, so it informs our body that we are in imminent danger, making the false emergency even more real. Your nervous system shifts into fight or flight, aka high gear, which sends blood and oxygen into your arms and legs so you can either put up your dukes, or run, run, run. Your body then floods itself with a fancy stress cocktail, causing tension and an increase in anxiety and fear, interfering with any higher reasoning that might serve you better given the circumstances. Pretty intense, right?

Here are five things I do regularly to shift the cycle of false emergencies. I hope they help you too!

1. Pay attention to your thoughts!
Notice if you’re shoulding, coulding or woulding on yourself. Those 3 words will keep you in the past or place you in the future, in false emergency mode, rather than in the NOW.

2. Ask yourself if the thought or perceived threat is true or false?
Hint: Choosing true means it’s a threat to your existence, a life or death situation taking place in the present moment.

3. Take deep breaths! Allow your exhalations to be longer than your inhalations.
Exhaling longer activates your safety or relaxation response.

4. Add some visual imagery! Imagery is the language of the subconscious.
This is where Dr. Epstein’s brilliant visual guidance work comes in handy. Continue breathing and when you’re ready, see and sense your entire being becoming like the surface of calm water reflecting the starry sky. When you have fully sensed this, know that your anxiety has gone, and open your eyes. (Do this anytime and as often as needed)

5. Take note of any ideas or action steps that come to mind.
Write them down, and take one small step right away.

At any point during the process, give the false emergency over to your higher power, the Universe, Source Energy, Angels, Faeries, etc.

Like anything, you’ll need to practice, practice, practice until it becomes second nature. Other people may wonder what’s wrong with you for not freaking out. Remember, we’ve been taught over time that these modern day issues are true emergencies. This doesn’t mean that we ignore how the emergency feels, it simply means you’re choosing to honor your temple and recognize in the moment that you’re okay. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you kindly. You’ve actively chosen to be FREE from those false emergencies! Should you have a genuine emergency, seek help immediately.

Photo Credit: Check out Free Yourself Image Blog here. Thank you!
To learn more about Dr. Epstein’s work, go to

P.S. – We’ll talk more about feelings soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what other steps you take in these situations, feel free to leave a comment or question below!

I’m so excited to share my first official MindRealign note. Whether it’s in the form of an actual note, a quote, tip, video or an experience, I look forward to sharing weekly-ish tools and inspiration to help you understand, embrace and harness the power of your magical mind.

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