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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Getting Naked

I don’t normally write about getting naked. But a few weeks ago I did something I would not normally do either: I posted a video of myself crying. It was an odd experience- totally spontaneous. In the video, I was sharing a meaningful challenge I am doing in support of homeless teens. Seemingly out of nowhere, in the middle of filming, giant (crocodile) tears started flowing down my face. (One of my brilliant newsletter subscribers wrote in to tell me that crocodile tears are an insincere act of being sad… I didn’t know that, did you? You learn something new every day!)

These were tears of clarity, of confirmation. A heartfelt way for my body to tell me I was doing the right thing. So yes, I felt vulnerable showing a side of myself that few see, especially in this age of social media and portrayed “perfection”. I wanted to share what I was feeling, a deep desire to help these teens. The funny thing was, I had imagined sharing all of these great stats about the organization, homeless kids and sleeping out on the streets, yet there I was, barely able to get the words out, let alone remember … READ ARTICLE

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