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Kind words

Kind words make the world go round. I am humbled by the kind words that my clients have shared.  Due to the private nature hypnotherapy, many names have been withheld . . .

Mom/Fear of Needles:
I felt so totally empowered by this experience. I not only felt no pain during the needle insertion, but I felt a sense of warm energy rushing up my arm from my hand. Karla’s voice created a safe cocoon from which I connected with the absolute power of my mind. I am inspired and energized by the infinite possibilities. – K.S., Santa Fe, NM

Fortune 500 consultant:
Karla is in her zone of genius with her work and her sessions. I could not imagine anyone being more suited for her role as a hypnotherapist. Her energy and voice easily guides you into a subconscious state and you are able to see the power of re-aligning it with how you want to live your life. Her guidance, voice and brilliance are not to be missed. I would highly suggest trying out this work for anyone looking to over-come a life obstacle. For me it was finding a soul mate and it was a powerful first step in being ready and open for love to come into my life. – L.G., NYC

Orchestra conductor:
Your smile could light up all of New York City and maybe the world. – B.Z, Boston

Your sessions are worth every penny (and a whole lot more!) – L.D., NYC

Hypnosis is better than a massage. I’m not sure if I’ve ever relaxed this deeply. More please! – S.G., San Francisco

Graduate student:
Karla helped me break through issues that I had been working on in therapy for years. I saw a dramatic shift in my life after only a few sessions. Karla helped me reshape my false beliefs and as a result the world began to respond to me differently. I was finally able to attract and receive the love that I had always wanted. Just being in Karla’s presence is healing, but her natural healing talent is something to be experienced. Karla creates a safe and nurturing environment which allowed me to gain insights that I have found invaluable. She is a masterful guide and I highly recommend working with her. – L.K., NYC

Cancer patient:
Working with you has been so grounding – it’s like I’m walking with my feet solidly for the first time. You gave me a new understanding of exactly how much power I have with regard to managing my own mind and my excruciating pain from cancer and chemotherapy. My doctors have been amazed at my ability to sidestep all of the pain meds. It’s like I used to see the world in black and white and now it’s in color. – B.B., NYC

Corporate coach:
I came in to see Karla around my sense of productivity. Her work has transformed my belief system around what’s possible and how fast it’s possible. Literally I felt new habits sealing within one session. She not only helped me get to where I wanted, but also helped me understand where I was and why. And the relaxation is so damn good, it’s better than a massage! – S.G., Berkeley, California

New mom:
I went to Karla for help after a traumatic second trimester pregnancy loss. Karla helped me to deal with some of my intense feelings of guilt and sadness. After just one session, I walked out feeling stronger in my heart. After our session, I listened to Karla’s audio every night for a month, which I also found helpful and calming. Through my experience with Karla, I was able to work through some of my overwhelming emotions and find a place to start healing. – B.T., Long Island

Movement instructor:
When an old hip injury kept me from enjoying my classes as a movement teacher and old conventional therapies weren’t working, I reached out to Karla for relief and recovery. After two sessions, I was shocked at how quickly my hip felt relief. What was most profound about her work was how strongly she felt about teaching me how to heal myself. She gave me the tools to heal my hip and feel good in my body, again. Her reassuring smile, patience and sensitive nature were so comforting and necessary for my rehabilitation. Needless to say, Karla’s therapy through hypnosis has changed my life and I recommend her most highly to anyone seeking a healing hand. – A.T., NYC

Strategic marketing executive:
I was dealing with progressively worse lack of motivation in my work, that was leading to making it really hard for me to think positively about the potential outcomes of my efforts. A friend suggested I reach out to Karla and I am extremely glad I did! She did an amazing job at explaining how hypnotherapy has nothing to do with what Television tells you, that it’s a process you drive yourself and that it’s primarily got to do with accessing to areas of your subconscious that drive your behaviors and attitudes without you realizing it. We did a couple of sessions together, and I identified really quickly what was driving my loss of energy. After that, turning things around was really easy. I plan to go back to Karla for any issue I may experience in the future that pertains to my health, my relationships or my work. – M.L., NYC

I’ve never felt so awake and in control of my life — thank you for helping me flip the switch! – A.H., Chicago

Strategic branding consultant
Through her soothing voice and gentle manner, Karla has the unique ability to immediately get you deep into hypnosis. She then gently helps you release the thoughts that block you, so that you can freely move forward in your life. – J.S., NYC

Mom and business coach:
You are officially my secret weapon. – J.L., NYC

Even though I came to you while I was reading several books that support me in living my life in the present, working with you has changed my life! Your calming voice and teachings, our session, and the hypnosis audio and daily affirmation have all worked to help me project a loving heart to everyone in my wake – stranger or not, I am more calm with my kids, I am more focused at work, and I have a sweeter relationship with my husband. All of this is a major change from the way I lived even two months before coming to see you. Thank you!!! -B.G., Brooklyn

Real estate agent:
My confidence has improved out of sight this year. I’ve been handling my new jobs, meeting people and building relationships much better than ever before. – P.H., NYC

At this moment, I am living an unpredictable and always changing life. My anxiety is at an all time high and hypnotherapy with you has taught me – instilled almost now in me – coping mechanisms I’d never experienced. When things happen now that I don’t immediately know how to resolve, I no longer react. I pause, breathe, and then act in a much more calm way. – K.H., NYC

Pilates instructor:
Working with Karla was extraordinary! She helped me understand that some of the beliefs that I was holding onto weren’t serving me and were no longer true. I also discovered some surprising beliefs that were buried way deep inside! She’s an angel and a goddess and I’m so grateful for her! – S.P., NYC



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