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I’m thrilled that you’re interested in working together!

Have you been trying to:

  • Get pregnant naturally, through IVF or IUI?
  • Alleviate or heal a health issue like High Blood Pressure, IBS, chronic pain or other female health challenges?
  • Find love, your life partner and soul mate?
  • Move through a painful or difficult life experience?
  • Shake a bad habit, lingering fear, phobia or thought?
  • Find the courage or motivation to take a leap or reach a goal?

There’s no reason to fly solo!

Although we all have the ability to co-create healing for ourselves, sometimes you just need a compassionate witness, teacher or guide. That’s me!

Every action we take, or have difficulty taking, is the result of a pattern connected to an experience, belief, idea or decision that was made at some point in our lives. While some patterns are great, others are simply outdated; they no longer serve us and can actually hold us back from being, doing and experiencing our Divine Desires. Let’s move through this and conquer it together, so you can live your best life!

I provide a limited number of private client sessions each month. Your program will be tailored to your specific needs.  Instead of using cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all methods, my training has me focus on your unique needs – to meet you where you are. As a Master Hypnotist and NLP practitioner, and I use and teach a wide range of techniques from deep relaxation and suggestion therapy to emotional and cellular release, pain, management,   current, past-life and natal regression and more. Rather than just fix a problem, I work with you holistically and provide lifelong tools that transform your world and the world around you.

As a starting point, I typically recommend my 3-month Realign Your Mind program. Depending on the issue more sessions may be needed. The 1-month Let Go + Grow program may be effective for specific situations. If there’s something you’d like to move through, let’s schedule a time to talk!

Sessions run 1.5 – 2 hours. Skype, Google+ and phone sessions available.

Get Ready to…

De-stress. Find Inner Peace. Deepen Your Focus. Clarify Your Desires. Release Difficult Experiences and Beliefs. Heal Relationships. Let Go of Your Past. Manage Pain. Embrace Change. Boost Your Motivation. Reignite Your Inner Power + Intuition.

Motivate + Release the Wait or (Weight)
1-Month Program

Realign Your Mind for Fertility, for Love, for Life
3-Month Program

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